What You Can Eat In Minecraft


What You Can Eat In Minecraft


If you don’t feel like defeating animal just yet, that is okay – there are other things you can eat. Let’s take a look at some of the plant-based foods that are all around you, and discover what they can be crafted into.



When mined, wheat will drop 1 wheat and up to 3 seeds which can be planted to grow more wheat. Wheat is used to bake cakes and bread.



Beetroot will drop 1 beetroot and 0-3 beetroot seeds when mined. You can plant beetroot seeds to grow more beetroot and beetroot restores 1 food point.



Potatoes will drop 1-4 potatoes when mined and potatoes will restore 1 food point.



When mined, carrots will drop 1-4 carrots, and they will also restore 3 food points.



Use your hands or any tool to mine the leaves of an oak tree and they may drop apples. Apples will restore 4 food points.


Sugar Canes

Sugar canes grow near water. When mined, they drop sugar canes which can be crafted into sugar. You cannot eat raw sugar, you will need to craft it into a cake.


Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkins spawn on grass blocks. Mine one with an axe, then craft with sugar and an egg to make a pumpkin pie. A pumpkin pie will restore 8 food points, making it the highest of the plant-based foods.



Bread is crafted from 3 wheat and restores 5 food points, so this is well worth making to help restore some of your food points.



Craft a cake from milk, wheat, sugar and an egg. Place it on top of another block and hit the ‘use item’ button to eat a slice. Each cake has 7 slices and each slice restores 2 food points, so if you eat the entire cake you will be able to restore 14 food points!


Mushroom Stew

Craft a red mushroom and a brown mushroom with a bowl to make mushroom stew. Mushroom stew will restore 6 food points.



Red and brown mushrooms grow on top of blocks in dark areas such as roofed forests and caves. You can mine them with your hand or any tool. You cannot eat them raw though and you will need to craft them into mushroom stew.


As well as raiding village farms for crops, remember to look inside any chests that the villagers have made within their buildings, as they will often use them to store potatoes, carrots, beetroots and apples.


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